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Friday, May 10, 2019

So good to be back at it!

I am one happy camper to be back working in my dye/work room!  I can make a mess if I want or just play with different techniques and have the space for all of it!  HA

I was lucky we had last week off from the MIP online class with Hilary!  Certainly gave me time to do some cleaning, get roots dyed, see the dentist (ugh...that's a whole other post!), etc. I've still not worked on our lesson/homework from this past Monday but I will by the weekend.  Today I finally got to play.

First off, I applied the wax/medium coating to some papers I stamped and dyed when we were in Florida.   I love seeing all the colors and prints on the papers!!!  And so much better hanging papers to dry on my drying rack!

These are papers that I stamped today.  I was trying to arrange for a 'focal' point  which I need for this week's lesson, but I really didn't do a good job.

BUT I know they'll get used somewhere!  HA

 Since it was raining out but warm, I thought I might as well over dye the papers to have that job out of the way.  Have to say I did have fun doing both of these techniques!  And I decided I like working with blues/oranges!  Go figure!

I purchased a wooden fish stamp several, several years ago while in Florida and decided to use it today.   I stamped with a Setacolor coral paint to stamp the fish on the papers.  I also purchased the pot wooden stamp from Hilary, which is on the blue sheets.  I also used just the ferns/leaves from the pot stamp to print on the fish papers above and on the right.

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I don't have the right stamps for a focal point and I wasn't in the mood to do any lino hopefully, I can find a small focal point in previous papers or in the ones I did today!

And I am so happy to have my dye/work space back.  Here are some before and after pics...not a whole lot of difference except lots of the boxes are gone and everything put away.

These are the before pictures...yep, that's my Kalee girl at the door.  We have a walk out which is perfect for the dogs and for me dragging wet fabrics and paints outside!  HA

And my table all cleared off...well, doesn't look like it but it is.  I have items along the back that I use often (baby wipes, rubber gloves, scissors, etc.).  Middle pic is my padded surface that gets used a lot!  The last picture on the right holds a cutting board, small drawers for pens, tapes, etc. as well as a place for my Neocolor crayons, oil pastels and other crayon type items.

Bob's work room is directly behind my table so we can both be working on our little 'tasks'...HA  He built a partition between us which kinda separates our areas.

This cupboard holds most of my paints, utensils, dye supplies, etc.

Another cupboard which holds my stencils, thermo screens, stamps, towels, plastic, etc.   More of the standard items we dyers need.  And some we don't!  HA

I am so fortunate to have this space downstairs that I can mess up!   We have a large utility tub in this same area that is quite stained with dyes but functions just great.  It's also a good place for the dogs when they come in full of mud!  HA  Easy to wash them!


  1. What a fabulous set up to work/play…… I’ve enjoyed seeing your current progress.

  2. You have a beautiful space to to go away but always the best to come home....On another note, Mary said you have a lot of recipes or sources for your Insta Pot (I just got one and am at a loss what to do)...Do you have a cookbook or website you could recommend


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