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Monday, May 20, 2019

Gelli Prints

First off, it's really been busy around here.  Not sure what all we're doing but it seems like we are on the go every day. The end of the month I'm off to attend our grand daughter's baby shower.  Bob's ex and I will take off on a Friday and return on Sunday.  We did this for Kayla's wedding three years ago and I'm sure we'll have another good time with the drive (6 hours!) and the weekend.

Our online class this week was using our Gelli plates.  I've used the gelli plate before with so so results.  Had a few senior "Robbie, make sure you cover the gelli plate with paint!  Not painting your stamp and stamping on the plate"...duh...I kept forgetting this and thought why would I stamp on the gelli plate and just stamp on my fabric/paper!  Geeezzzzz...sometimes I just have to slow down!  HA

So here are my before  and after results...I used the gelli plate to create backgrounds, then I stamped using some old leaf rubber stamps I had and then overdyed with Procion dye!   Just havin fun!!

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  1. Senior moments or not…you are getting wonderful results!


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