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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Flash Back Time

At the first Lacrosse game I attended with the kids when we got back from Florida, my daughter had one of the old quilts I made with her to keep us warm from the wind and cold.   Actually, it was a quilt I made for her!  Well, it had seen better days and Dawn said she was afraid to wash it for fear it would fall apart.  I took the quilt home with me and said I would repair it! 

This is a picture of the binding and the backing (pic below), which I think is just muslin.

I added on top of the original binding a larger double fold binding!  I know I should have ripped out the old binding but I just didn't have the heart to rip it out!  Now it's sealed under this blue fabric, which I machine stitched on!



I made this in 1987, so fabric choices were limited as you can tell by the solid pink and blue!  HA  I hand pieced and hand quilted this entire bugger so I wasn't surprised it didn't hold up...but the funny part is the front piecing held up!  It was the backing that had rips in it!!  Go figure!  Anyway, my daughter gave me some Creative Memory books years ago to document all the quilts I made.   I kept the books up to date with pictures and documenting until the late 90's.  I knew I kept the original pattern for this quilt and I was excited to see I had it in my book!  Thanks to my daughter for giving me the books and inspiration to document my work!   Now I have my blog!!  HA

This is the original pattern I designed!  See, I got bored even back in the 80's using patterns!  HA

This is the documentation on the quilt itself I put in my book with a picture. 

I'll be seeing my daughter this weekend and her quilt is all repaired and it's ready to take to more Lacrosse games next season!!!  It will be fun to sit under it again with her!!!

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  1. Good for you keeping such detailed records……and being able to enjoy that quilt all over again. Have a great weekend.


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