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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Paper Fiber Card

Last week I worked on making more gelli prints and was so excited to get some great results.  So I decided to use one of my pretty pieces and make a fiber card for one of my friends.  I really like the colors in this print and the areas were almost a perfect 5"x7" section for cutting out!

So I cut out one of the sections and layered it on some batting and did some free motion work.

I've changed to a different paper for printing and I'm really happy with the weight of the paper and how easily it did stitch.  Plus, I'm using Hilary's wax medium, which I really like vs other mediums.

After I finished the stitching, I attached to some heavy weight Pellon for stability.  Next I created the backing/address using  Solvy iron on interfacing that I colored with pastels then brushed with water.  I iron the top of the Solvy interfacing (just the top inch or so) onto a piece of printer paper and feed through the printer.  Works for me!  Label all done!

Next I edged the card.......

And the finished card!

I'm happy with how the card turned out.  I love the colors and I hope my friend, Sue, enjoys it as well.   Now to my next project...we're making little books in our online class with all our Gelli print papers.


  1. And it all comes together! There's such lovely depth in your printed piece and then the stitching- wow.

  2. It’s simply wonderful…..every part of it. This design is a good potential for Spoonflower!!!

  3. Robbie - I love the fiber card!! I’ve spent so much time just going over all the details- it is beautiful, intricate, fun to touch and just all around a special gift! I love seeing and reading about what went into your process! Thank you so much for thinking of me! Love you! Sue


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