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Friday, June 28, 2019

Where's Waldo? Or is that where's Robbie?

Yep, I have been MIA this past week!  Me, who doesn't get the flu or colds (usually!) came down with a whopper this week!  This bug has kicked my butt!!  I finally went to urgent care yesterday own doctor couldn't get me in until after next Tuesday!!  WHAT!!!  Actually, our former doc retired and this is our new doc.  Remind me not to get deathly ill or just remind me to go directly to urgent care!  So now I'm on the mend, thanks to antibiotics and steroids my head feels better!  Bronchitis is taking a lot out of me and  I just want to sleep all the time, which isn't me...I don't nap during the day, ever.    But lookout world, I might be back in full force in a week!!

Just so this post isn't all words!  This is a picture Jan sent me of Gracie!  She was enjoying a tea on the front porch of Jan's home.   How cute is this!!!

Some blog readers may remember Gracie the Flamingo.  She sat at the front of the house we rented from Jan and Larry each winter.  Gracie was fading so back in 2016, I repainted her.  You can see that blog post here.  Jan and Larry have sold the house and took Gracie with them.  I know she'll be in good hands and I have a feeling she'll be moved around Jan's yard quite often!  Who time she just might be invited to dinner!


  1. Oh Dang…..sorry to here you are feeling so punk……rest up!

  2. Oh my gosh- getting this in the summer is the pits! I feel your pain with the needing to sleep and having no energy. But glad you are on the mend. Gracie is having quite the life now, invited for tea and all.


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