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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Grand daughter's baby shower!

This past weekend was another 'girl's weekend'!  Bob's ex, Mary, and I took off early on Friday to head to Ohio for Kayla's baby shower.  The six hour trip honestly went by so fast!  Partly due to our times a little too much!  It's hard to drive with tears in your eyes!  But we made it safe and sound around 3:30.  The hotel was wonderful and since we had some time before dinner, Mary and I got started making the Diaper Cake for Kayla! 
 We even had a few laughs while putting the "cake" together and I think it turned out quite nice.  We had to find a Dollar Store to pick up a different topper for the cake...this made us a little late getting to Kayla's for dinner on Friday but they expected the two great grandma's to be slow!  HA
TaDa!  All done!

Kayla received so many nice gifts. 

I think she liked the baby quilt I made for her and Baby Girl H!  She won't tell us the baby's name yet so that will be a surprise to us all!

This is a blanket Bob's daughter, Diane (who couldn't make the trip) made!  Click on the picture to enlarge so you can see the pattern!  It was awesome!

And Diane made this little bear WITHOUT a pattern!  She said she knew what she wanted it to look like and just "did it".  I think it was adorable as did all the ladies!  How cute is she!!!

Kayla along with the great grandma's to be!

This is MaryJo (Kayla's mom and our DIL).  She is very excited to be a grandma!!!

This is Dinah, Nate's mom, Kayla's hubby/dad to be!  I didn't get a picture of him this weekend.  We actually didn't see him until late Saturday afternoon.  He was smart to let the women have the house!  HA

Such an exciting time for both these grandma's to be!

Kayla and I with the quilt I made. I told her she needs to use it!  Lay it on the grass...on the floor...make a tent with it...just use it!!!  Hope she does!

And this is such a wonderful gift, Mary gave to Kayla.  These belonged to Ron, Kayla's dad, when he was a baby.   What a keepsake to have.  That was so sweet Mary passed these on to Kayla!

Kayla's aunts and her two cousins, along with her cousin's 8 month old baby, put on the shower, which was so very nice of them.   They did a really nice job!!

And this is Bosco, Kayla and Nate's dog who is a hoot!  Such a gentle guy and one who loves to play.  He'll be wonderful with the baby as he is so sweet!

So we made it back home mid afternoon on Sunday, safe and sound!  Next trip to Ohio will be to see our new great grand daughter!!  Bob will make that trip!!


  1. Love the cake, you always have such great gift ideas.

  2. What sweet gifts! She and her family will always treasure them <3

  3. Such a great family gathering…love the diaper cake…so festive!

  4. An eventful weekend! You did a great job with the "cake". That's one clever gift. Your quilt is so colorful- it should be a big hit. And the little bear- way too cute.


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