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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Nature Printing with Gelli Plate

Well, I had my tooth extracted last Thursday!  It wasn't that bad, with the exception of not being able to eat real food!  I actually lost 4lbs!!  No fear...I'll be making up for lost lbs soon!  I'm starting to eat 'real' food now, with exception of crunchy foods. 

Now on to the fun stuff...Our lesson from Hilary's MIP online class was a blast this week!  Printing with nature...using leaves....I've printed with leaves before but Hilary showed us so many different ways and tips on printing with leaves and using the Gelli plate!  What fun!!  I haven't over dyed these yet but I'm so excited to share my prints!  Not sure which color dyes I'll use on each of them, so I'll take a day or two to decide. 

These were printed on repair tissue I purchased from Hilary's online store.  The paper is super soft and sheer.

These were printed on deli paper.

All of these were printed on layout paper from Strathmore.


  1. Catching up while I can see! Love that baby quilt, it is so fun. Your prints are fabulous. I need to get my plate out again.


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