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Friday, April 12, 2019

The Freezer 2019 visit!

For those in the Ocala, Crystal River area, you are familiar with The Freezer Tiki Bar...or at least you should be!  I've posted about our winters in Florida and eating at this unique 'restaurant' the past few years.  It's one of Bob's most favorite places to eat.  And eat we do!  This week we headed for our last meal at The Freezer for 2019 (and possibly forever since we're not returning to Florida).  We had a ball with 3 other couples!!  Thanks for the memories!!

Here we are! 

First off, I have to thank Jan and Larry for first introducing us to The Freezer back in 2013 (you can read about our '1st time' on this post)

They always add so much to making the trip a hoot!   They are also both as cute as can be.  Jan usually wears her cowboy hat but she looks just as adorable in this cap!

And here is Mr. GQ!

Howard and Karah have been friends (Howard golfs with Bob) for several of our years in Ocala Palms. 

They are another wonderful couple and have such a great sense of humor.  Howard can tell  stories that are just a hoot and Karah adds those one liners that just make the story even better! 

Carol and Dave are our next door neighbors here in Florida!  We thought Dave was such a quiet kind of guy BUT we were wrong!  He can get out of control easily.....but perhaps it's because Carol gets him out of control!  Carol is another lady who is just happy!  I love being around positive folks and this couple fit that bill! 

They live in Michigan (Ohio border) and here in Florida so we're hoping to meet up with them this summer sometime.  Carol's brother lives in Fenton, which is only 25-30 min. from us!  A must meet up.

Yep, pitchers of beer are available and you're served the shrimp in a Styrofoam container!

Delicious steamed shrimp!!!!

Of course no visit to The Freezer is complete without a stop at the DQ!  This is all Larry's fault as he has investments in DQ...well, not really, but he should!  I don't think there's a DQ around Larry hasn't visited!  I do enjoy this part of our Freezer excursion!

You have to look carefully, but there's an Osprey on this nest....that nest has been here since we started coming in 2013!  Can you imagine how heavy it is!

And hubby and many memories....but we have lots of pictures in my blog to look back on our trip to The Freezer as well as other outings with the friends we've made here in Ocala.  Bittersweet to leave.....but thanks for the memories 'ya all'!

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  1. Oh my, how you'll miss these outings and good folks! Is it hard to imagine not making the trek south again? Not missing the whirlwind of packing and preparing, but the fun times for sure.


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