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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Packing up time....

Packing has started...well, actually, I started to pack up my sewing supplies a week or two ago.  Figured no sense waiting until the last minute if I didn't intend to be doing any sewing. 

And now my art supplies/dyes/paints are all packed up too.
I finished this week's MIP lesson, which was making stamps with found objects around the house.  I wasn't very successful but it was an effort at completing my homework!  I won't be doing any more lessons until the 2nd week in May!  YIKES!!!  The first week home will be unpacking and cleaning and seeing family and friends....

These are the stamps I made using some corrugated cardboard I had.  I tore some packing tape and wrapped rubber bands around the piece (top pic) ...but by the time I finished printing and took pics the rubber bands had bent the cardboard so they are missing in this pic.

This stamp was made using my hair dryer (didn't bring my heat gun with me!) and the moldable craft's called something like that.  I just happened to have a piece with me.  I took a beaded bracelet and after heating the foam imprinted it! 

So here is results from this past week's lesson!  I forgot to take pics of the stamping before the over dyeing. Nothing outstanding but I did get to use up lots of paints and dyes.

You can see some of the imprint from the beads on this piece.

I used orange paint and some magenta or some mix of paints to stamp and over dyed both pieces with a Cantaloupe dye I had. 

This is the back of the piece above!  Pretty interesting isn't it!

These two pics look the same but they actually aren't.  I stamped with magenta and blue acrylic paints then over dyed with Robin Egg Blue and Blue Violet...two of my favorite dyes.  They go so well with Orange!  HA

So now it's back to packing and beading and meeting friends for one last get together in 2019!!!  Bittersweet!!!


  1. I will be on lesson envy withdrawal until May the 2nd week in May.

  2. Oh, the packing begins! My goodness, Robbie, it looks as if we won't even get to see each other this time... and it's your last visit. I know your time goes by in an eye blink, and this spring seems to be packed for us, too. We have a leak in the pool which has required some inspections and repairs coming up, plus we lost our tv in a recent electrical storm- shopping for a replacement, delivery, and finding a console to hold it all. That was assembled incorrectly at the warehouse so entails another home visit to correct the problem. Among other things- none bad, just all at once. I feel like I'm running full tilt to keep up! Safe travels home, and we will certainly keep in touch through our blog doings.


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