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Sunday, April 14, 2019

One project finished...another one started!

I finished another knitted top and finally took some pics today....first off, it was 90 degrees and humid/hot/hot today so fuzzy hair was called for, as well as the frown...I'm not a fan of the just focus on the knitted top!  HA  Obviously, I won't be wearing this shrug here in Florida but I'm sure I'll get use out of it back in Michigan this spring/summer/fall!

Yesterday, Verna and I took off for a Starbucks Cold Brew with Cascara Foam and  extra vanilla syrup!  Talk about a good cup of's a cold brew (duh!  Hence, the name!)  but so good!!!!

Verna brought me one over the day she and Kim did the ice dyeing so it's her fault that she may have got me hooked on this new cup of joe!  It is SO good!!!!

We sat outside at Starbucks chatting and drinking our brew, then we headed to my favorite bead store here in Florida!  The Bead Strand is a wonderful bead addition, they now have high end jewelry, clothing, purses, etc.  It's a bead store and boutique!

I will certainly miss this, I made sure to stock up on some more beads today...why, you ask...well, now that my blue squirrel and  beaded leaf are finished, it's time for a new beaded piece!

I found this picture in a magazine and I think it will look great beaded! Verna helped me pick out the beads and I think they will work out perfectly.

Verna gave me several sheets of Stick N Stitch stabilizer paper  to try.   I normally print out my beaded designs on C&T Wash-Away applique sheets, which is a heavier weight paper than the Stick 'N Stitch but I think I like this Stick N Stitch better.  It's very lightweight and so far easy to stitch through.

I attached the printed design on to some batting, which is what I would normally do with the applique sheets, and started beading in the afternoon!  Why wait, right!

I think the colors are great in this piece...and I'm sure if I need to add any more color of beads, I'll have some at home!

I'm using all Delica's - size 11....just couldn't work with 15's!  To large of a piece since I bead two beads at a time.  This little bit took me over an hour to do this afternoon!  HA

It's hard to tell in this closeup, but Verna found this 'lemon/lime' mix of beads, which should work out perfect for this area.  I brought some beads with me and I just happen to have an Avocado AB that I added in with the 'mix'.  I'm really excited to finish the outline and get started on filling in!!!  Thanks, Verna for introducing me to the Stick 'N Stitch product!  I think it's a winner!

Still working on my homework from the Hilary MIP online class...this past week, we made our own stamps from children's stickie foam, which I'll show in my next post.  Just loving this class!!!  But I've said that before haven't I!

And just because they are so cute!!!  Here are Ranger, Gigi and Kalee!  Ranger belongs to a friend, Elizabeth who lives a few doors down from us here in Florida.  Elizabeth shows Ranger in agility and he is so darn cute and  fun to watch in agility...I've only seen him run agility once but I get to see video's when Elizabeth posts on FB!  Hope these three put a smile on your face!  They sure do that for us!


  1. I can't believe you are giving up Florida

  2. I was just getting ready to order some of those wash out sheets for hand embroidery designs. Glad I saw this first. Where can the stick and stich be found locally if you know...

  3. I don’t know what to rave about first….the adorable and oh-so cute knitted top on you, the delicious sounding Starbucks treat or the fabulously challenging beaded projects. You go girl!!!

  4. Oh my, I will have to try that Starbucks drink! And the knitted top and the new beading project -- wow! Can't wait to watch your progress on the beading.

  5. That knitted top looks great on you! And it's done-yay. The colorful Nautilus is going to be spectacular. Bead Strand is a good shop for sure.


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