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Sunday, July 6, 2014

From this to this!!

I've finished  my beaded leaf!!!  WooHoo big time!!!  Thank goodness for my blog because I couldn't remember when I started on my leaf.  The first blog post I have is from February 10, 2014!  So from February to July, that's not all bad for beading a 12" x 12" leaf using #11 seed beads.

The colors are more true to what this detail picture looks like.  I'm happy to have finished it but also thinking of what to do next!  Only kidding!!

Next I have to finish hand stitching on the background piece; attach it to a canvas then I can attach the leaf to the background/canvas.  I have a ways to go but with the beading finished it will be my inspiration to work on hand, I only have my hex's to work on while watching TV at night...I like to change it up!

My bud Susan, found this leaf on the golf course and thought I could use it in my art work!  I don't think either of us thought of beading and I'm still not sure why I did but I did!

This was a photocopy that I taped together (remember it's 12" x 12") of the original leaf.

So here's the progression on my beaded leaf...thank again, Susan!!!!

I made another photocopy of the leaf but printed it in 'draft' setting, which gave me this golden colored leaf.

Since I didn't think I'd finish until the fall (which for the entire piece I may not!), the colors were perfect for a fall leaf.

Next I started to outline with beads the shape of the leaf.

And then the filling in....two or 3 beads at a time.   I am curious as to how many beads are in this piece.   I've seen on bead sites how many seed beads are in tube (e.g. 25 grams) and since I kept all the tubes I emptied, I should be able to get a good guesstimate of the number of beads used.  It won't be exact but I think pretty close.

So today I did some weeding, have country style ribs cooking (I know!  I can't believe I bought some meat especially pork! But I did!) and now to do some dog lessons with Kalee and then on to my horse hex project!


  1. That is one amazing piece. Congratulations for getting the beading finished!

  2. Whoopie......wonderful....wish I could see it in person! And obviously, am looking forward to seeing it incorporated into a finished piece.

  3. Stunning. What a gorgeous piece. The colors and the detail came out perfectly!

  4. Gorgeous! It really turned out well, you do such good work. I'll bet you could get an estimate by weighing your piece, weighing a piece of bare fabric the same size, and weighing a tablespoon of beads. If you can do math, you could probably figure it out that way too. Oh but then you'd have to count how many beads are in a tablespoon too! Oh my head hurts, I'll just stick to stitching instead of math!

  5. Wowser! Perseverance pays off. I clicked on the photos to see more detail, and this is just incredible. I'll be interested in the count when you tally up the tubes. Look forward to seeing how you mount it.

  6. Its beautiful. I just love your knack for variegated beading. I am still practicing getting that technique down.

  7. This is such a beautiful beaded leaf! I think with all the busyiness you keep on a daily basis that your time beading this leaf is record quick. Our blogs really are a sort of diary for us aren't they. Counting Beads...What will you find to do next?!! Summer Shimmer and Creative Bliss...

  8. Beautiful! I can only imagine what it feels like with all the texture and weight of the beads. Really beautiful work.


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