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Monday, July 14, 2014

Hex Horse Progress

Making progress!  I've finished sewing all the rows of my horse fabric.  I happy with the layout and will use oil pastels or pencils to color in areas that may need a 'touch' up or two once the overlay fabric is in place.
I have my paper overlay on top of the fabric in this picture.

And yep, I'll be adding some beading for the mane...

And beads for the tail...although, it's hard to see in this picture!

Now to decide on the background fabric.  As you saw in my previous post, I'm playing with stamping on fabric.  I want to have letters and/or words on the background but this horse is rather large (15"x13") and the piece can only be 16" x 20"...sooooooo   Not sure how much lettering I'll be able to use.  Ugo has letters/words in most of his work.

So off to look at some fabric for piecing the background!


  1. I'm totally blown away by this piece!!!

  2. This is amazing! The coloration from head to tail is just beautiful. The beads can only enhance this and can't wait to see how! The background will definitely take some consideration.

  3. You asked a few posts ago..."Where Does The Time Go?" I have no idea and I am losing days without even knowing where they got off to. Your 4-H Fair photos look like fun was had by all. This horse is truly amazing and I cannot think I have ever seen such a unique hexie project. Fabulously Creative My Dear...

  4. This hexie horse is beautiful. I love the way you smoothly transition colors.
    xx, Carol


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