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Friday, July 4, 2014

Hex Horse Progress

I love creating my own fabric but at times there is a drawback...when you get a favorite piece but it's not big enough for a project and recreating it isn't possible.  So....

I'm trying to lay out the 3.4" hexes I've made so far for my 'horse' hex piece (I thought I was using a larger hex pattern...not!)...and the pieces you see on the 'butt' are the ones I screen printed several, several years ago.  I have about seven hexes left in that fabric to place but now I'm looking through my stash to fill in.  I will move the darker pieces further on the butt and legs...filling in with another piece of fabric I painted in a workshop with Phil Beaver back in 2003!  The color below really does match better than it looks here.  I'll put more yellows up further then fade to the browns below and my screen printed darker pieces.

It is a bit tedious but I love seeing how he's coming together.  Now to keep my hex placement when I go to pick up and sew together a hex piece of fabric!  I'll make sure to take a picture so I can see the placement but I'm sure there's another way I can 'tack' them on another drawing of the horse to see my rows.    Yikes! Always a challenge but keeps the old mind working.

We're off to the kids house this afternoon for a 4th of July BBQ...Darrin is smoking a brisket and my daughter and I are bringing some dishes.   I made my corn salsa, which is so good!  And  I also made a Lemon Blueberry Cake from Tommy over at Tommy Cooks. We all know she's a great artist -Tommy the Material Girl  but did you know she's cooks and bakes like a woman possessed!    Those who read her blog know this very well...if you don't know Tommy, it's worth the her blog(s), that is!

 It's a beautiful afternoon even on the cool side (71 degrees) but my kind of weather! Enjoy the weekend!


  1. This is looking really good! I can see how you do have to be meticulous in keeping track of the placement. Maybe with your coloration this will be an Appaloosa with a rump blanket. Could you trace the shape on a piece of batting, place the shapes, then pick them up and put them down as you go, trusting that the batting will cling and help keep order? Fun to watch this take shape. Off to check Tommy's recipes. Happy 4th.

  2. I took a class from Phil in 2003 also! Where did you take it? I went to eat really nice little B&B in some little town in Indiana. Not where he is from though. He was a great teacher. Love the horse. It's coming along nicely.

  3. One not eat. Sheesh. New tablet with autofill.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Kalee! I have missed so many of your posts and it is amazing to see all you are staying busy with. Crayon art looks fun and messy. Love seeing all your bead storage. I am considering a new system for mine. Your Hexie Horse is fabulous! I am slow to get my energy back but am so happy to be home. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...


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