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Friday, July 11, 2014

Another year...another 4-H Fair!!

No sewing or art work today...this post is dedicated to the 4-H Fair!! I love the 4-H Fair and love taking the kids each year.  Amber's first fair was in 2002 (she wasn't quite 3) and Nick's 1st fair was in 2005 when he was almost 2!  The last few years the kids have been taking a friend with them, which makes it more fun for them (and for me!  I don't have to go on the rides now!).  We normally go on a Wed. but this year due to weather and an injury to Amber's foot we went on a Thursday.  The weather was perfect...mid 70's and a times we were hot from the sun and other times it was cool enough for a sweatshirt (sorry Gabby , we didn't have one!).  So here are our pics for another year.
Lunch time with Gabby and Amber - my pretty girls!!

Nick, Nate, Gabby and Amber

What handsome boys!

Feeding animals is always our 1st stop!

Lunch with the boys!

Yep, the circus was back!!  Boys and I attended
For some reason blogger won't let me upload pics from my camera...I'm going to resize using InfraView and see if that works tomorrow.


  1. How very, very fortunate to live so close to the grand children.......and what a fun day you must have had!

  2. What a great day, and 4-H fair events are always fun!


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