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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where does the time go

Bob was up quite early this a.m. to get lawn trash out by 7...Kalee and I didn't get up until's already 11 a.m. and I don't know where the time went!  I actually started to write down the time and what I've done within each hour!  Geeezzzz  More on that in a  later post!!

So I'm making progress sewing my hexes together!  I'm about half way with creating rows and actually have sewn rows together.  You can see the horse's head and some of the neck fabric is sewn together.

Next shows the pattern on top of the fabric.  So far so good. 

 If I get sometime today, I want to start looking at some fabric to piece together for the background or is it top ground!  HA...I'll be doing some type of printing with letters or words as this is a theme for Ugo's work  I wold like to have 'mustang' written somewhere but will have to see.

This piece is for the Inspired By....that our Aussome Fiber Group is doing.  Ugo Nespolo is the Italian artist one of the ladies in our group chose for an artist.  You can see the picture I'm using as my inspiration here.   If it doesn't work out, heck, I'll just keep the quilt and save it for another artist!  We'll see.....

Another beautiful day here in the neighborhood!  We did have rain on and off for the past two days but Bob got in 6 holes yesterday...OK, so he got wet but he was golfing, right!!  I'm still working Kalee's training sessions into my daily routine...yikes!!  3 sessions a day, only 5-15 min. but it does take time.  More so for me because I have to read the lessons several times to make sure I understand them.  I've resorted to making 4x6 index cards with the steps just so I remember when I go to do the lesson....oh to be young again and have a good memory!  HA

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  1. I totally agree...where does the time go? Each day just evaporates. Your hexie horse is looking fabulous. Kalee and Flash Cards sounds interesting. Keep Creating my Friend...


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