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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Busy hands progress!

I don't know where the hours or days are going anymore!  I started this online dog training course which is consuming my time!  Yes, it's worth it but.....I can't believe how much time I'm investing in reading material for the course lessons (we have a lesson five days a week - each lesson should be completed up to 3 x's a day! - 5-15 min. sessions!).   I can't say I'd rather be sewing...I do enjoy the lessons but my day is gone before I know it!!
I do have three hand projects that I'm working on and decided on Monday to start the quilting for my peacock piece (Tiffany).  You can see my '3rd' attempt here!  I didn't get that much accomplished but it's a start.

I will be adding hand stitching on the peacock after I finish with the machine quilting.  Perhaps a few beads in addition to embroidery work????

Almost finished with this stamped piece I started last week.  

And in between the piece above, I've been working on the leaf background piece.

I've finished some of the borders (inside and out).  Still debating on the stitching I'll use for the plain red border.  All the black strips will have some type of feather stitch on them.

So enough computer time for now!  I've already walked Kalee and did one of our lessons...I think it's going to be an Applebee's Long Island night!!  Works for me!!  Then I get to take Kalee for a walk and do lessons (again) when we get home!  No wonder I sleep well at night...just need more than six hours of sleep...but that's another post!


  1. I'm amazed at your talent AND your ability to pack your days so full. I need to ramp it up!!
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh Robbie, three beautiful pieces!! Did I mention to you the book Clara and Mr. Tiffany, or did you mention it to me? Anway, I read it and you might enjoy it.

  3. Lovely pieces and each one will be stunning with your hand stitching and beading. Kalee is very lucky you are helping her be such a good example for others. Sleep? How do we survive with so little shut-eye? You definitely have "busy hands" dear...


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