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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fiber Cards

My BFF, Carol T., gave me some engineering drawings her father made several, several years ago. She was going to trash them but decided to keep a few and passed on some to me!  I am so lucky!!

 Some of the drawings were on paper and  vellum so I thought I could transfer the vellum drawings onto fabric using SolarFast!  And yippee, it worked!  I just painted the fabric with SolarFast, laid vellum drawing on top, covered with a piece of glass and sat the piece out in the sun!

SolarFast worked great!  I used this piece to make a fiber card for Carol.

And some...ok, a lot of hand stitching and a few beads...this was the finished card.  I might have over done the stitching but I was having too much fun!!

The next one I made was for Carol's dad...after all they were his drawings!

This was one of the vellum pieces I used in place of a transparency.  Pretty cool drawing isn't it!! I think this drawing is on the 1st picture I put on this post.

And after some hand stitching and beading this card was finished too!!  I know Carol received her card but I haven't heard if her dad has yet.  I can't wait to incorporate some of these drawings in other art work!  Waste not, want not, right!!


  1. Cool transfer process and a really neat gift to Carol and her father. You have a knack for turning the unusual into art.
    xx, Carol

  2. VERY, VERY cool!!!! Such a great idea about how to use them.....

  3. How very clever to make cards honoring those fabulous blueprint drawings. From paper/vellum to fabric with the sun? Brilliant. You are amazing dear...


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