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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Some new stuff!

Saturday was a pretty productive day for me...finished four loads of laundry, took Kalee on two walks, did her lessons (but only twice...bad mom!), made 23 stuffed jalapenos for dinner, finished sewing all the rows for my horse hex and printed some more fabrics (I did get a few pieces printed on Friday too).  So all in all...a good day!  Let's hope Sunday will be as productive!!  
Stamping done on Friday

More stamping from Friday

These were done on Saturday....I need some pieces for an upcoming projects and I think they'll be perfect.  Yep, one of those projects in my mind!!

I forgot to take a picture of the stamp I made from cardboard and a piece of stickie back the very first picture (on the right) at the top, you can see part of one of the cardboard's the lines you see stamped on the pieces.

I also finished sewing all the rows for my hex horse!  Now to decide on the background fabric...that may take me months!

We've still been having 80 degree weather but a cold front is coming in next week.  Will it bother me, nope!  But it will my room mate so I guess I'm hoping he can still golf...we need room mate to be happy!!  I have more printing to do!!!


  1. oh my gosh....I love the stamping you did.......

  2. Those are great! I want to do some of that stuff once my house is put back together.

  3. Love these fabrics! The sticky back foam on cardboard is such a great way to make inexpensive, one-of-a-kind designs. You got a lot done... just those stuffed peppers alone must have taken some time.


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