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Friday, June 15, 2018

Amber house graduation party

This past weekend was Amber's graduation party.  As it turned out the weather was not her friend but it still turned out to be a great celebration for her.  The kids even hung up the Tshirt quilt I made!  How sweet!!!

The kids outdid themselves by all of the decorations, food and landscape.  Although folks didn't get to see the beautiful lawn/plants/pool/patio area the kids worked so hard on.  Kris always out does herself with the decorations and setup.   One lady said she "loved all the Pinterest"!

Kris' mom made dozens, and I mean dozens!, of cookies!!!  They were delicious too!

The tent over the tables worked out great!!!  Lots of room for all the folks who attended!

This was before they had all the food setup, which covered two tables!!!  Kids had their garage floor repainted and it was beautiful!  It had stones/texture added on top!  Just beautiful!  And they even repainted the entire garage!  

This is Kris' BIL who was playing Suspend!  What a many folks played.  Kris bought another game in addition to the one I had purchased for the family.

Kris' nephew who actually won!!!  

So another milestone has been will be Amber leaving for college the end of August!  Now that will be a sad time!


  1. The party area was such a nice set up. Hanging your quilt on display was such a sweet gesture. Amber looks happy. The party looks like a really nice congratulations on a job well done.
    xx, Carol

  2. Your quilt (or I should say Amber's quilt!) looks great up there. The whole set up was obviously well thought out and lots of preparation went into it. Glad everyone had a good time. I've never seen that game before, looks fun.


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