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Friday, June 29, 2018

Progress on 'Nemo'

I am making progress on the 'fish' quilt..which I'm calling "Nemo"...gee...I wonder why!  HA  I machine stitched the 'hidden' fish this past week!   Then I painted two pieces of Mixed Media sheets by ICraft using blue and orange SetaColor paint.  Then I traced some fish from good, old Dover books I had and the stitched  them on top of a piece of old cut up quilt I had.  Next I cut them out!   Here are the two blue fish.

I have tried so many different color fish on this piece!  Next I cut out an orange fish and  placed him next to a blue one.  He only looks angry because he has a pin in his body!  HA

So I asked my buds what they thought!  And, as with asking 3 folks, you get 3 opinions!  HA  One of my buds suggested I add some yellow to the blue fish to see if it toned the blue down.  Here are all three!  HA    I don't care for the toned down fish..he may get flushed!

I personally like the contrast of the blue fish but I also like the orange fish.  I think this project may hang in my room for a few days while I contemplate which fish will be part of "Nemo"!


  1. Your final pic with four fish looks really good. The variety of colors makes it more my opinion, of course!

  2. Ditto Kathy’s comment….the last picture looks like it’s a finished design to me too.

  3. LOVE that orange fish! I think the blue fish on the top should go, but please do not FLUSH him! I just think an odd number of fish is more appealing. But what do I know, lol.
    xx, Carol

  4. And it all began with a length of string!! This is really nice. I like the last pic, too. But one thought (yet another opinion)- might one more small fish in color of your choice be a good addition? All the articles I see on art principles suggest odd numbers make compositions more interesting to the eye. The color variety is a good accent on the piece I'm thinking.

  5. Ok, since you are obviously "fishing" for opinions...HAHA!! I think the top blue fish should go (but not be flushed) and the two at the bottom should be moved up slightly. There. Now I think you have about 8 opinions or more! :-)

  6. I like them all! Just play with positioning. Mayb slice one in half like it's behind one of the seaweed.


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