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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bud Vases and Paper Dolls!

Last week my bud, Carol, and I met in downtown Holly, Michigan.  Holly is (or was!) a small town where I lived  (BB - Before Bob! ha) and  both my kids graduated from Holly high school.  The town sure has grown!  Wow!  Parking in the street was packed at 10:30 a.m.!  Who knew! How's this mural on the side of a building!  Pretty cool!

 Anyway, Carol was looking for bubble  bud vases as a Christmas gift for her sister and Holly is known for Battle Alley and their antique stores. we went hunting for bubble vases!  I didn't know what they were either but we did find two of  them.  Actually, she found a third but it was eight inches tall so Carol passed on purchasing that one.  Hers are around six inches.

Carol and her hubby went out the next day and she found some more!   How's that for luck!  I think they are quite pretty and how the light hits them really enhances their beauty.

So, as we were walking around the Battle Alley antique mall, I spotted this picture of a former actress.  Do you recognize her??  This was actually a package of paper dolls....original price was over $20 for the package but marked down to $3.  Yes, I had to buy it! 
Do you know who she is?

Does she look familiar? 

I recognized her but could remember her name...

The paper these dolls are on is so thin!!!  

The owner and other lady, in addition to Carol and I, tried to remember who she was!

Finally!  I remembered!  She's Ann Southern!  Some of you 'babies' won't know who Ann Southern was.  She lived to be in her 90's and had her own TV show for awhile too.  I do remember her being so beautiful and had such a great smile!  Since I'm so fond of the old movies and actors I'm glad to have this package!   I'm sure when I'm gone my kids will wonder "what the heck was mum doing with paper dolls?"  Until that time, I will take good care of these paper dolls! 


  1. Sounds like you all had a pretty fun shopping trip. I love those vases. Are they antiques? I think my sister and daughter-in-law might like having one or two or three.

  2. What great finds! I'm a big fan of glass antiques. And those paperdolls for $3- unbeatable. The fashions alone are inspiring. I'm glad you told us who it is- I thought the first photo looked a little like Lucille Ball, but toned down version. what a fun day.

  3. Beautiful vases, look great on the window sill in the light.
    Score! on the paper dolls! I had no idea who she was although she looked familiar. Ann Southern, I've heard the name.

  4. Those vases are beautiful! Going back to towns where we lived brings mixed emotions. I know you have been to Michigan City where I grew up. It was such a nice, clean little town back then. OMGosh, Paper Dolls. THAT brings back memories. I watched old movies on WGN (Chicago station) when I was growing up. I knew every one of the actors from back then. Now I hardly recognize a name in the news entertainment section.
    xx, Carol


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