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Friday, June 1, 2018

Reveal of the T-shirt quilt (#3!).

Before I get to my post...BLOGGER is having a revamp or more like issues with some of their changes.  I no longer receive a notice when someone leaves a comment.  So if I haven't replied to your comment, it's not that I'm ignoring you!  Folks are complaining so I hope this gets resolved soon!!  

For Kayla and Ian's high school graduation, I made them each a T-Shirt quilt.  So, of course, it was Amber's turn!  This was the major, secret project I worked on this past winter in Florida!   There are actually six panels.  This was taken in Florida after I finished the binding.  And this bugger is heavy...

My son held the quilt up so you can't see all the panels here.  I forgot to get a picture of Amber and I but will do that at her graduation party in two weeks!  If I remember!  HA

It appears Amber forgot about the graduation T-shirt quilt project, which was good...with the exception, she said she kept losing her T-shirts and figured her brother was stealing them!  It was a hoot!  Here is a video of her opening the quilt up!  And finding her missing T-shirts!  HA

This bugger is huge and because of the size I made it in panels.  The easiest way to quilt it as well!  I can't image trying to quilt as a whole quilt!  Yikes! I followed Marianne's method for QAYG (quilt as you go).  These are 3 of the six panels....

 Her method is wonderful and it made the back of the quilt actually look like one piece.

My DIL sent away for a T-shirt from Sienna Heights U, where Amber starts in the fall.  I just machine embroidered it on the back.

And, this was a first, I machine quilted the binding on..thanks to my bud, Susan for a tip on how to do this!  Worked great!  Thanks, Susan!!

So, grandma is now preparing for Nick's graduation  and T-shirt quilt in 3 years!  I told my DIL that I'll start putting some of the T's on interfacing in case I'm not longer here...then Auntie Dawn can finish it for us!


  1. What a labor of love! She will treasure that always and probably start keeping a closer eye on her tshirts in the future. Well done! I love the design.

  2. Wow- it is huge and wonderful! Mystery solved- where did those T-shirts go?? This will be a treasure forever! Well done.

  3. You did a really wonderful job. It came out perfect. That is a lifetime keeper. What joy you have given!

  4. Amber now has an heirloom T-Shirt quilt from her Loving Grandma! Robbie you did a fabulous job on this huge quilt. <3

  5. It's a beautiful quilt! Watta ya mean "No Longer Here". geez.
    xx, Carol


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