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Sunday, June 3, 2018

More String Art!

I washed out my screen prints from last weekend and had time to kill so what to do!  More string art on fabric.  I've done two posts on creating string art on fabric.  The first one was here and this was due to a Florida/Michigan bud, Bonnie!  She posted a video on FaceBook showing string art on paper and one segment on a pair of jeans.  In the first post, I did mention you have to hold down/put pressure on the fabric as you pull the string.

You can see the fabric was fold down, on top of the paint dipped string.  Hence, the reverse of the pattern.

In my second string art on fabric post, I didn't put any pressure on the string/fabric and the results weren't bad.  This was pulling the paint dipped string through multiple times.

So this time I decided instead of folding the fabric over on top of the string, I would lay a  piece of fabric and apply slight pressure (starting at the bottom of the string) and I think the results are pretty good.

Fabric string laid on

Fabric laid on top

And a video!  woohoo!! These are for you Bonnie!!!  This is step 1!  Well, my step one!

I didn't think I had the camera turned on for step 1 but surprise, surprise I did..hence, you have step 1!  HA

And now Step 2!  

Here are the results from the video.  I think these turned out pretty cool!   This was the fabric I laid the paint dipped string on.

And the fabric I laid on top in step 1 and held down in step 2. 

Well, I made an attempt at least you'll get the idea!  I hope...if not, it will refresh my memory when/if I attempt to do string art on fabric again!


  1. Ha- you just can't stop, can you? Such interesting results.

  2. String art has really interesting results wiith both of your techniques. Your video is lots of fun. String Art Smiles Dear...<3

  3. Sooooo inspiriring….tx’s for sharing

  4. Those are looking awesome...I love the layered ones!

  5. They look so ethereal and mysterious!

  6. Robbie, Those are great!!! Nice to see the videos too! Thanks for the inspiration today.


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