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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Miscellaneous Stuff!

We had our fiber art group meeting this past Monday and I got feedback on a  few projects I'm working on, which is always a good thing.  This is my 'dye dog piece' that I'm adding hand stitching. 

All the circles are stitched as well as the circles in the square centers, 

Just doing straight lines to fill in areas.

I decided to add some embroidery in the shashing but wasn't sure I liked it.

 So I received some input from my buds!  They suggested the embroidery looked good...perhaps adding different colors of threads (e.g. maroon) vs all green would work or/and adding some opposite color (maroon again!) in between the stitching.  I really liked that idea.

So, I looked into my Perle cotton thread box and decided I didn't like the green shade above and found one a tad darker.  The yarn on the far right is what I used in pic above.  I'm now using the green on the left as well as the brown Perle cotton (both #5).

And off I went with the stitching! 

I think it's working and I'm liking where this is going now!  So great to get wonderful input from your talented friends! 


  1. it's an interesting piece, and of course, your hand stitching is perfection.

  2. Embroidery- yes! This looks so good.

  3. Your friends gave good advice, looks better now with the new embroidery colors.

  4. I'm loving this direction with an underwater theme and I always love hand stitching!

  5. Wow....meant to comment on the underwater theme for your string art....a great look!


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