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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Dooleybobber???

Look what I received from a Blog Friend, Jan Brattain from Laughing Dog Arts

It's called a Dooleybobber!  And it measures about 2.5" x 3.5" have to look closely at all the little items she included in the piece!!!  What is a Dooleybobber??  Here is Jan's definition taken from her blog back in 2014: 

"Some people have asked me what a dooleybobber is.  That is the name I came up with to call this series I continue to work on.  A sort of generic term for a nameless thingamajig.  I believe it is unique to me because when I Google Dooleybobber, my work is the only thing that comes up.  Google tries to tell me I want Doodlebobbers but no, if you make it find Dooleybobbers, that is all mine!!!  Maybe I should patent it."  

I've followed Jan's blog for quite sometime.  She always has such interesting posts on her art work and her life.  The property Jan lives on looks beautiful and so peaceful, which makes it so enjoyable  going on 'walks with her' when she posts about her surroundings.  Do check out her blog. 

In return, I made a humbug bag and sent to Jan this week. 

 It's so much fun meeting and acquiring new friends via blogs!  It's just a shame that right now Blogger has made so many changes to it's format we're having difficulty receiving comments and replying to them!!!  In the meantime, Thank You again, Jan for my Dooleybobber!!!


  1. I love my Hum Bug bag! It feels so nice with that ultra suede fabric you embellished with stitch and color. I think I'll keep my gel pens in it. Glad you like your mini dooleybobber. The little ones are like sketches for me. Your bag was unexpected but sure makes a nice trade! Thanks for the shout out.

  2. I follow Jan's blog also, and love her Dooleybobbers and her nature walks. Yours is lovely! I got a mini one from her not too long ago- an they are a study.

  3. You two are the best and two of my longest blog friends. Thanks for continuing to share a bit of yourselves with us.
    xx, Carol


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