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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

String art progress...sorta

First up, Blogger still hasn't fixed the issue of us receiving comments from folks!  Please don't stop leaving comments...I will try to send emails to those of you that I have your contact info....

I mentioned in my last post the 'assistance' I received at our fiber art meeting last Monday.  Well, here is another project they gave some input on!

I showed my buds two background pieces I quilted to audition the string art strips on.  They really liked the orange background......

Then I laid out one of my deconstructed screen prints that I quilted and auditioned the string art for their input.  Well, the keen eyes of my buds saw a fish in the background.  You can see his eye 1/3 of the way from the top/left, between the two strips! 

  See the fish now!  It really does look like a fish and he already has an eye!

 So that took off on a discussion that I need to make this an under water piece!  Add stitching to enhance the fish and find some more!  The fish is just where I did some free motion quilting...leave it to my buds!   So guess I'll work on pursuing this new path for the string art!  Who knew they would mimic seaweed!  Blue seaweed at that!  HA


  1. I have always loved bright blue and orange together. Yes! I saw the fish right away. The blue string art makes wonderful underwater plants. I know you are going to take off on THIS idea!

    Dang Blogger. But I wait patiently for the fix.
    xx, Carol

  2. Oh, yes- there's a fish in there! Onward. Blue seaweed is pretty seaweed.

  3. I like the orange background color better but still prefer the fish background and the idea of using the string art as kelp, with the stitching you have already done, I agree it will work better. Fish, seaweed, yes.

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