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Monday, June 25, 2018

Dye Dog Progress

Bob watches either baseball or his What on Earth series at night (if we don't have a show taped) or some other Missing show....when he does,  that gives me time to sew at night.   I can watch my movies/series  on my tablet and stitch!  Works for me!

I'm happy with the progress on my dye dog, even though it is slow going.  Now to decide how to finish the borders...I'm thinking I will just free motion some design vs hand stitching.  But who knows....

You can see the border on the right actually is on all four sides.  Maybe I will get really bored and decide to add some hand stitching following the design in the fabric!  OH, NO!!!  Think I have enough hand work!!! never know!


  1. Stunning Robbie……I need to get back to sewing!! You’ve inspired me!

  2. How do you mark your designs for hand stitching? Coming along very nicely. Do you use a thimble?

  3. I am so impressed what you have done with the dye dog I gave you and made it into some great wonderful beautiful ART!
    I never could have imagined this could have happened with this fabric I shared with both you and Beth!!!!

  4. I love the geometric designs. You amaze me with your fabric work.

  5. It's stitch intensive- terrific!

  6. A beautiful piece and love, love the hand stitching.


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