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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Deconstructed Screen Printing

I made three screens last week for printing using stencils to create the pattern(s).

And this past Sunday it was such a beautiful day I took advantage of the weather and printed!!  The pieces batched in the hot sun (we had 90 degree weather on Sunday!) so they should be baked pretty good.  I'll wash them out later this week and post pics of the fabric all washed and ironed...until then....

I printed this in Florida 

Wait until you see how many 'pulls' I got from this one screen!!!

These were the first photo shows how it looked after I printed over it again

I like this!

This was a deconstructed screen print I did in Florida...not great color

I used the same screen and look how great it turned out!

This was a Solar Fast piece I did in Florida

Yep...I'm still using that screen!!!  That was 15 pulls!!!!

One of my favorites!  This makes 16 pulls!

Another piece I used Solar Fast on while playing in Florida

A second screen I made...

This really enhanced that piece of fabric!

Still lots of dye left so......

I didn't take a picture of the before fabric.  It was a combo of solar fast printing and stencils

This was an old rust dyed piece I had

Rust was cool but kinda boring!

This was using the 3rd screen I this one can see some of the rust color

Still lots of dye left!  So I had to use it up!  HA

I am happy with each far!!!

I actually remembered to batch them!  One step I forgot while doing this in Florida!  HA

Screens all clean!  Then it was wine time!


  1. Oh gosh……we are ready to do this again…it’s been ages!! We sure miss our wonderful member Val (not just because we used her fabulous outside garage studio from Spring to Fall) but because we just love her quiet and generous talent. We must push forward on our own….you gave us the nudge…..thank yo for sharing!

    1. I love this type of printing. I actually used stencils to get the texture. What fun

  2. Been such a long time since I've done this. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to move that up to the top of my list!

  3. Great way to take advantage of the warm sunshine. Your “new” fabrics are fabulous. <3

  4. I really need to dust this creative tool off!

  5. That is a flurry of activity with great results! Batching? Do I understand that to be "baking" the pieces in those plastic bags out in the sun? Does that make things more permanent? Not familiar with the term.

  6. You don't sit around much, do you:-) These pieces are a wonderful addition to your fabric stash, I will be eager to see how you incorporate them into your art.


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