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Monday, May 21, 2018

A new technique for string art!

Well, this technique of string art is new to me!

 About a week ago, a video was posted several times (I first saw it from bud, Bonnie from Michigan) on FaceBook!  It's 'Art with Liquid Ink' by Nha Hay.  I just went through her posts and she's quite creative!  Now to this latest technique! 

I dipped a heavy cord in ProFab concentrate

Too  much ink on the cord

Once you lay the string on your paper you close the book and hold the page and pull the string/cord out!

For some reason, turning pics in photo program isn't working...this is a journal I keep my stamp printing in.  Is this cool! 

I kept using the same cord without dipping back in ProFab

This time I used a string  on fabric I had fold, laid left fold side on top and pulled the string through.

I did lay a book on top for pressure but I didn't hold hard enough.  Hence, next pic shows very faded design.

Again, using string but this time I did apply more pressure using a book on top of folded fabric and pulled string through

I love the results!

I used string again, rather than cord, and Tsukineko inks to dip string in and same method....

It's really a matter of the pressure you use.  Again, this is on fabric, muslin.

You can see how faded the marks are in the background so I laid the string on again and pulled through.

Yep, this was a third be honest, I think I re inked the string!  Can't remember but I like the results!

I like the faded design in the back.

Pretty cool, right!

Probably my favorite on to think of a project to use these on or else a project to start from the get go!!!


  1. Wow!! The results are so pretty. I can see that you had a lot of fun playing with this technique!
    xx, Carol

  2. Very interesting results! Guess you have to lean on the book to get the right pressure- fun method.

  3. Oh my.....something we Fiber Junkies haven't tried...thank you's great to have a new technique to explore!!!!

  4. I saw this on Facebook too and wondered how it might work on fabric. I like the effect. Looks like fun to play with.

  5. So interesting..... love it...Thanks so much for sharing so much detail....good to know the do's and don'ts before you begin..also great that it works on both paper and fabric.....I know our Fiber Junkie group will be doing this

  6. I recently saw this technique too and am fascinated with it. Looks as though you had fun experimenting with it, I shall have to give it a go.


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