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Thursday, May 24, 2018

String Art (with video's!)

I  got to play on Wednesday making some more string art on fabric.   Just a beautiful day after walking the girls and weeding the front landscape...I played!

First off, I pin my fabric to a padded surface  (foam board/batting/plastic...that's for another post if requested!).  HA  The fabric needs to be stable and not sliding all over.  I also found that using the small T pins work great.  Just remember to pin with the sharp end going towards the middle of your fabric.  It keeps the pins from pulling away when you are doing any type of stamping, screen printing, etc.  You may be able to see how I pinned the fabric in the video(s).

I also found a watery paint/dye (e.g. Dynaflow, Tsukienko inks) don't work well with this type of printing.  I used Luminere and Neopaque fabric paints for these examples .  Most paints are already the  consistency you need, which is syrup like.  If your paint is too thick, use Textile Medium and a little water. 
I poured my paint into a carry out lid and then just dipped a light weight string into the paint.  You can also add different color paints and spread throughout the string.

Let's be honest folks, I'm not a videographer, hence, the video's are what they are!  Hopefully,  you'll get a clue what to do or, if not, you'll find some things you shouldn't do!  Either we go! 

Here is the first video for pulling the string through the fabric. 

The next video shows pulling more string multiple times

Some results....

I numbered each of these 'pulls' (e.g. 1, 2, 3)...not sure why now!  But I had a good reason when I did it!  HA

And the last video I really covered the fabric pulling painted string through multiple times.  Just having too much fun!  I love the results on this piece. 

I think you'll see in the video how I started off placing the string in a circle, in the middle...then I started to pull more paint through the piece.

And the final piece...I think I pulled string through at least 6-8 times or more.  Yes, you need to dip your string with each pull in the paint.   Just in case you didn't notice that!

My Jason Pollock piece!  

This is a fun technique and I can see using this last piece (or even some of the others) in a art quilt!   And if you are into painting on canvas or in your journals,  just go to and type in 'string pulling art' in the search area.  You'll see some really cool ways to create beautiful designs using canvas or paper for your background piece vs fabric.  I haven't found a 'fabric pull' other than the FB post but they placed fabric on top of fabric to do the pull...that works too.  Try them all!!!


  1. Creative, messy, satisfying! Very interesting process.

  2. in the video I posted they covered it and put some pressure on it before pulling the string.....yours are really neat! gotta try this!

  3. Very cool results. I'm certain we'll be seeing it in a future work of art, though it is art in itself!
    xx, Carol

  4. Neat! I've been wondering how it works on fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This looks like fun. I have seen it done on paper too. I love your fabrics. You are constantly an inspiration dear. <3

  6. Absolutely wonderful and I'm so impressed with your video skills...Always great to be able to watch a many tips and ideas...Thank you...we will be doing this.


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