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Friday, August 17, 2012

More hand work for the time being...

I had to stop working on my butterfly because I didn't have any size 15 seed beads.  The two butterflies are too small to use 11's...good excuse to head to bead shop.  On Wed., inbetween geocaching, the kids and I did pick up some orange 15 beads.  They like helping me pick out colors.
More on our geocaching experience in another post!

Here's what I'm hand stitching.  These are 1 inch hexagons from, of course!, Laura Kemshall.  Laura showed a really cool pillow wrap made with hexagons.  Not sure that's what I'll use these for but they are fun to make and portable...which means I can lay them on my board and pick up quickly when puppy wants to play!
That's my board above!  I just reached into my scrap box and found this piece of fabric by Mickey Lawler! 
I bought this piece back in 2001 when my friend, Carol, and I went to the IQA show in Houston for the first time!  We did have a ball and made it an annual trip for a few years.  Funny how we stopped buying fabric after we got into dyeing and painting our own.  I did take a class from Mickey at QSDS several years ago.  It was 3 or 4 days and I painted lots of fabric.  Still have some of those pieces so I hope I have something to match to my hexagons!

Today is hair appointment for Kalee and grocery shopping for mom (me!).  Also, Bob and I both got new cars yesterday so that's behind us now and we don't have to worry about coming back early in April to turn in my car.  GM has some great deals right now on 2012 models and we're both delighted with our new purchases and the reduced payment each month!  Temp only to be in the low 70's which is my kind of weather so I best be out in it!  And drive my new car!


  1. Patience, patience. Those are tiny! Look forward to seeing the pillow project with them.

  2. These do look like a good portable project...provided one is very organized as you are. Whatever you end up using these for will be beautiful when beginning with such gorgeous fabric. Wonderful weekend...

  3. ohh Robbie - don't know what's more cool - that you are playing with hexies or that you actually got enough gumption to cut into Mickey's fabric (grin)! I love English PP and have a trapezoid one going now (making pinwheels) - the one I completed was a tumbling block 4200 pieces LOL - it got a little out of hand!


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