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Friday, August 10, 2012

Some WIP's!

I've started another Tila bracelet.  This one is more on the matt side and hopefully, will be more "casual"...although, I'm not sure how beads with crystals can be casual!  I had started this one using a thread that I weave on the loom with called 'SoNo' but I didn't like the looseness of the beads.  So, I started over again using Fireline which I prefer. 

I was going to bead my bracelet this afternoon but decided to start on my next beaded butterfly in fabric.  I chose a Ruddy Daggerwing below.  I think the colors will be a nice compliment to my previous butterfly's (purple one here and red/black here).

I went through my wonderful Dover Butterfly coloring book and found the Ruddy Daggerwing on one of the pages.  Actually, there are two smaller butterflies sitting on a limb.  Here's the drawing on fabric, which is hard to see!  I free motion quilted after I drew in my butterflies with orange have to have really good eyesight to see them in this picture!  Heck, I'm having a hard time seeing the butterflies to even bead!
But I did mange to outline one of the butterfly's with a dark chocolate brown 15 seed bead.  Kate Boyan a wonderful beader from Alaska suggested to me awhile ago to first outline with beads the areas I'll be beading.  It was and is a great tip so I do this every time now.  If you haven't been to Kate's blog, plz do so.  Her work is outstanding and you will be so amazed at her workmanship. 

I'm still working on and off on hand stitching my patchwork piece, which I'll talk about tomorrow.  We had rain today and some more expected over the weekend.  We do need the rain, that's for sure!  Even so,  I did run some errands this a.m. and met my friend Mary for coffee and lunch.  Still back home early enough to do some work.  Now to see if Kalee will be a sweet girl tonight so mom can bead some more!!  Wishful thinking I'm sure! 

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  1. Your Tila beads are beautiful and this bracelet will be stunning. How interesting to see the beginning process of your beaded butterflies. This will be gorgeous. Blissful stitching dear...
    Rain would be so welcome here now.


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