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Sunday, August 12, 2012

2nd Tila cuff finished

Finished my 2nd Tila cuff yesterday!  I only had one bronze clasp so I elected to put it on this one first.  Now I need to head to bead store on Wed. to pick up another bronze one for my 1st Tila cuff! 

I hate to admit it but I did watch/listen to a movie while beading.  The movie was Brides Maids and I have to say it was a hoot!  Now, parts of it were a little on the R rating, but I like Kristin Wiig from Saturday Night Live.  She did a great job as well as Melissa McCarthy.  She was SO funny and I can see why she won for Best Supporting Actress.  I'm not big on comedy's and prefer mystery or action movies but this was fun to kill an hour or so with.  

Sun is out today but I'm not going to market.  I have so many veggies and fruit in the frig that I have to use up.  So it's in my sewing room to bead or start work on the Peter Max design for our Master's Exhibit.  I might just get the design ready and work on this one in Florida.  Who knows...


  1. Pretty! I really like the width of this style bracelet.

  2. You really beaded this Tila bracelet in record time. I haven't even purchased my beads as of yet.
    Wonderful week ahead dear...

  3. This really pretty! The colors are bit unusual.


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