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Thursday, August 30, 2012

By works!

Who knew!    Back in 2009, I took an online lino class from Dijanne Cevaal that I just loved (in fact, I think she is having another online class starting up soon). can see some of my stamps and fabrics I printed here.  Recently, Laura Kemshall had a video in the DesignMatters TV on block printing.  I had to try it and it works!!!  My previous stamps didn't create a continuous flow of my designs...they just printed the stamp on and on, which was fine but...

This is the paper pattern I made up using Laura's technique.  You have to sign up to Design MattersTV to see how Laura came up with the method (or you may be smart enough to already know this - I'm not!). I didn't take a picture of my original drawing...this is after you manipulate it.
This is my stamp....and....

And here it is printed on paper.  My stamp was 5" square and the paper was 10" square. 

It's not the most exciting of stamps but I have hex's on the brain right now (again, blame it on Design Matters TV!) so thought I'd put some hex's on my stamp. 

Now I have to think of some really cool stamp to make for printing on fabric!! 

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