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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cuff and golf bags!

I know those words don't go together (cuff and golf bags) but have to give my post a title!  I finished my cuff yesterday with the exception of the clasp.  I don't have any gold clasps so I'll need to make a stop at the bead store on Wed.  Darn!  OK, so I'm not that upset about it.  I love the cuff and can't wait to make another one.  I want my next one to be more 'causal' so I won't be using any metallic Tila beads just matt.

Now to the golf 'word' friend, Peggy, in Florida is a painter and I've posted on her work, as well as her hubby's bird carvings (you can read that post here).  Peg sent me an email telling me she was painting on golf bags!  I asked if she would send me some pics and if I could post on them.  She said here they are! 

I love the swan painting!  I think Peg did a great job on these.  What fun if you were a golfer.  Now if I only golfed!  Wait...I didn't even mean to say that!  Don't want to golf...Bob doesn't want me to golf so that our marriage can stay for another 20+ years!  So I take that back! 

Temp in the 90's today so good day to be inside.  Even Kalee doesn't want to go out on the deck!  That's a first!


  1. The tila cuff turned out super...
    Happy Weekend,
    -Eva Maria

  2. Your tila cuff is beautiful and I am amazed at how quickly you completed this gen. How fun to have a handpainted motif on your golf bag. I do not golf and neither does Mr. C! I must bead...your cuff has inspired me. Serene Sunday to you dear...

  3. That is dazzling! Look forward to seeing the next ones you do. Painted designs are really clever.


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