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Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy fingers!

It was a busy week last week and weekend but at least I've been able to relax and do some hand work!  This was the start of my hexagon stack!

I started to calculate exactly how many more hexagons I  may need...but that's hard to do when I don't even know what I'm making with them! 

I counted up how many hexagons I have, sorted them by value/color doesn't look like it but there are over 110+ hexagons in this pile.
Hmmmm....appears 22 hex's give me 3" x 8/9" do the math!

So it was back to my scrap box to cut more hexagons to paper piece.  I also made a cardboard hexagon template so it is easier to cut the fabric hexagons. 

And, yes, I'm saving the scrap triangles pieces!  I'm not sure why but you just never know!!

I've also been doing some stab stitching on my patchwork piece!  It's easier to work on the hexagons at night because I use the board with all my supplies on it.  I can lift it quickly when 'puppy' wants to play!   So, after dinner, Kalee and I go sit out on the deck and then I stitch on the patchwork piece.

I'm stitching inside the circles with threads of different colors.  This is very relaxing to sit outside at night, listen to my book on my Ipod and work on this piece, but it's hard on the fingers!  I might have to get back to beading my butterfly for a few days to rest my fingers.  Now I know why they call it 'stab stitching'!

So that's my busy work for the week!  

Tomorrow I'm going to 'brag' on the grandson's!  Both Ian and Nick are our athletes of the week!!!


  1. Oh those tiny, tiny hexagons! You have great patience. The stab stitching is looking very nice.

  2. i was thinking about learning some basic quilting, but it's looking at things like this that make it seem daunting. looks so hard to do all those little pieces just right! i think i'll stick with squares. lol can't wait to see more of what you do with the hexagons, though.


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