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Monday, August 6, 2012

the good and the bad

Well, this good news this weekend was I did accomplish quite a bit of hand stitching on my patchwork piece. I want to get all the circles outlined then I'll go back and do more stab stitching within the circles.  At least that's my plan!  Who knows...I might end up just free motion quilting instead.

The bad news was I did hand stitching because I was a couch potato due to stomach problems...the old gall bladder at it again!  I sat most of the time with the heating pad on the old tummy...yesterday I did most of the stitching.   My surgery will be in Sept. sometime or before once we find out what our little girl will need.  Kalee's knee is still popping in and out at times.  Doesn't seem to hurt her (no yelping) or impede her chasing Cody around the house (you have to ck out her blog video).  She goes to the vet this afternoon to reck and get his opinion.

I belong to our local Friends of the Library and at noon we're moving boxes and boxes of donated books into storage for our upcoming book sale in Sept.  The library needs the space for another event into the end of this month so we need to move all of the boxes into the storage room.  Shouldn't take long although we old ladies don't work that fast, now do we!
Beautiful day right the high 50's @ 6:30 a.m. but up to 70's @ 10:30.  Nice to have the windows open to sleep with for a change.  Fall anyone??


  1. It's cooled off to a beautiful 70s day here in Wisconsin! I hope you're feeling better soon. I love the colors you're using!

  2. Well that is a good news/bad news story! Nice to get the stitching done, but sorry to hear the flare up has you couch-bound. Kalee's problem... is this common for her breed? Hope it can be simply resolved, and glad it doesn't slow her down too much. Will let you know when boxes arrive.

  3. Robbie I am so sorry you are having tummy issues with your gall bladder. It will be good to get it remedied. Hope the vet gave good news. Your library should have strong muscle men moving boxes of books. We ladies should merely be feeding them cookies and Gatorade. I hope you feel better...
    Your stitching is blissful.


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