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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday project

Once again, one of my favorite blogs showed a project that I just had to make!  How about this for a head start on Christmas!  It's my book page Christmas Wreath! 

Eva Maria Keiser had a post on making a door wreath from antique or old books.  I just happened to have tons of old books that I play with from time to time, so Sunday afternoon I made this wreath!  Because I thought I'd just play with making the cones to see how this wreath actually went together...some of my cones are uneven.  Reason being is, I had some pages from old books already torn out that I used in addition to another book that had some shiny pages with color on them...different sizes but, regardless, I'm happy with how it turned out.  I just stuck the pine cones in the middle but I'll hot glue some small ball ornaments in the middle. 

I think I'll make Dawn and Kris each one for the holidays.  I would be too hard to mail one to Mary Jo in Indiana so I think I'll send her the link.  She does have a new job and might not have time to make one but I know she would enjoy it.  Perhaps, when she comes to Michigan she could make one with her sisters!

If you aren't signed up to follow Eva Maria's blog, you have visit her site and I know you'll sign up!   She has so many interesting video's and posts that you'll totally enjoy!   You just don't want to miss what she posts. Thanks again, Eva Maria!!!


  1. What is it about paper?? Every now and again, I just have to work with paper instead of fabrics. I'm in that phase now. Love your wreath.. the vintage look of it, the simplicity. Nice.

  2. Your book paper wreath is fabulous. I love it even with the pine cones. I also really like the odd sizes as they give it more dimension. I must make this! Never too early for holiday preparations. Summer Sunshine Smiles Dear...


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