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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Way to go boys!!

Don't the grand kids just make you so proud!  Ian and Nick had a great start to the 2012 season!

This is Ian at the BNL Fall Invitational last week!  Ian did a fantastic job and to quote from the newspaper article "Mitchell junior Ian Payne led the Bluejackets to a fourth-place team finish with a 14th-place effort in 18:40".  He also finished 1st in his school division!  Way to go Ian!!!!  We always look forward to hearing about Ian's races.  He loves to run and even has his dad running with him, from time to time when he practices! 

Yea for Nick's team this past Saturday!  Those kids did/do a great job!!  That's a pretty big field to get touchdowns on when you're only 8 or 9 years old!!  A long way to go for sure but they do it!!
 Yep, there is a player from the other team under Nick (#80)!!  He plays both offense and defense and I'm sure he sleeps well after his games! 

We are so proud of all the grand kids whether it's sports, school or just being darn good kids!  Says something for their upbringing.  All the kids are great parents and wonderful aunts and uncles!  Auntie Dawn got a pass to be on the field this past week so she was able to get some great shots for the team and family!  And Uncle Jeff held the umbrella so grandma wouldn't get sun burned!  How lucky am I!


  1. isn't it fun to watch the kids play their sports? i just love it. it's so fun to watch them each year as they get bigger, faster, stronger and better at their games. i liked seeing pic of nick in his uniform. lol reminds me of my matthew a few years ago. our football season is just getting underway, and i'm looking forward to it.

  2. Back to school and sports. Wonderful that your grandkids are so involved, and talented! Great photos. By the way, check out this interesting post on hexagons... since you are busy with your tiny ones. These are larger, but absorbing to look at.


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