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Friday, August 24, 2012

Long lost friend!

OK, so my friend, Alice,  wasn't really lost!  She and her hubby have lived in Connecticut for the past several years but have now moved back to Michigan!  We finally met up yesterday for lunch...a 3 hour lunch!  It was SO good to see Alice again and catch up on her life now!  Alice was also a friend of Patty, who passed away 3 years ago this past July, and we would hang out together back in the day!  We didn't get to reminisce about the 'good old days' and our fun times with Patty but I'm sure our next luncheon will be talking about those old times.   Especially now that we are caught up on family and our current lives. 
I'm going to gather up the pictures I have of the three of us enjoying life way back when, for us to look at when we meet up again!  I know it will be fun to look back at those times with Patty and all the fun we had!  Nothing like the good old days!!!  Although, 'these days' ain't so bad either, are they Alice!!! 


  1. You're having quite the summer with geo-caching and reconnecting.. good for you!

  2. how exciting to get to spend time with a lost friend from years ago! so glad you found her and it brought back some good memories for you. now that all the "what have you done with your life all these years" question is done, it will be so fun to go through those old photos you are going to find. have a great time when you get together again!!!

  3. I cant wait to see the posts.
    My mother adored you girls !
    You both look amazing!


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