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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Progress and food!

Just to prove I am working away on my Georgia piece...All of the purple/red areas are stitched.  I'm now working away on the white areas.  Next up is to decide how to stitch around the black border area.

I'm also going to add some more stitching in the blue 'stem' area.
I have enjoyed working on this piece from beginning to end.  And it all started with my very talented friend, Susan!!  The reverse applique method is a technique Susan developed and taught me.  It's more labor intensive from the so called traditional reverse applique technique but I think Susan's results are so much nicer.  As well as, the piece is so portable!  I started this two years ago!  This is my longest WIP I've had to date but it has held up so well...I almost hate to finish it as it's so relaxing to work on...guess I need to design another one!  Thanks for your guidance, my friend!

Yesterday I met my friend Carol T. for lunch.  We headed south to Great Lakes Mall to eat at a new restaurant called Stir Crazy Fresh Asian Grill.
The food was awesome!!  Carol and I each had a different dish so we could 'taste' a little of something new.

And for me friends who know I'm not a meat eater this will be a shock!  I ordered Mongolian Beef!  I know!!  It was delicious!!!

Carol ordered Teriyaki Chicken and Asian Salad below.

 All of the food was really good as was the service.  I would go back again in a heartbeat...although, I would take a jacket!  I know..hard to say with our 90 degree weather but it was 'cool' in the restaurant.

So after eating a great meal we had to "walk it off" so we headed out into the mall and guess what stored PULLED me in!  Yep, Chico's!  Actually, it was their outlet store and Carol and I shopped!  My other friend, Carol P. in Florida, is my normal Chico's shopping buddy but Carol T. and I do hit this store every so often!  All in all a fun day of eating and shopping and I made it home early enough to do some more sewing!

It is with a heavy heart to feel good with all the stories and tragedy from the shooting at the theatre...all we can do is say prayers for those passed and injured.  The majority of our world isn't made up of people like James Holmes...we need to remember that.  The world is good but there are always those bad folks who can make us forget that.


  1. Nice progress on your project. And, oh that Asian food looks yummy!

  2. Your WIP stitching is lovely. Masterpieces cannot be rushed. :o)
    Stitchilicious week to you dear...


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