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Monday, July 16, 2012

Finishing up some projects

I made this fiber card for our friend, Joan, who lost her husband last week.  Back in May, I remember watching Vice Presiden Biden give a talk to military families.  He was talking to the families on the sacrifice they and their loved ones have made for our country.
  I was struck by one of his comments and I actually wrote down the saying.  You can read his speech here.  Mr. Biden was discussing the loss of his wife and daughter and he made this comment...

I printed this on Joan's card and it fits perfectly with our losing Jerry.  Bob and I have talked more about how happy of a person Jerry was and how we have a smile on our face thinking about him. 

I also finished two other projects and now I can  finish up some more and start some more!  Yippee!  Binding all done on these two pieces and they're in the mail!
And I finished this cuff on the loom. It too is in the mail!

I really like these magnetic clasps on the cuffs.  So now my loom is empty!  But I did pick up a magazine at JoAnn's yesterday.  It was a special edition on peyote patterns...I know one is calling my name!


  1. It's a good feeling to get some projects completed. The postcard and quote will be a comfort I'm sure. I'll send you a "wish list" of items needed in the craft program... thanks for asking. Support for their efforts is always welcome.

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