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Monday, July 9, 2012

I just can't help myself!

I am so addicted to making these hanging bags!  I dug through some of my old quilts and found this piece I made in 2007 for the Sewing Expo here in Michigan.  It's called Burlesque Beauties and I thought it would make a nice larger hanging bag. 

So I cut an 18" square and started to work!

This is a closeup of the piece.  The beads hang down which for a hanging bag are perfect, right! 

I think it will make a nice gift to put a bottle of wine in for a housewarming.  Then folks can hang the bag if they choose to or regift themselves!

And on a side note...on Sunday's I try to meet up with my buddy, Mary, at the Farmer's Market in Grand Blanc.  Yesterday, I  noticed a new vendor and was drawn to her booth...yes, it was a candy booth!  BUT....they turned out to be caramels.  Now I'm not a huge fan of just caramels...they get stuck in your teeth and they aren't chocolate!  Again, BUT...Cream & Caramels are the BEST!!!  They melt in your mouth and Catherine has assorted blends of her caramels....Spiced chocolate, honey pecan, cherry...just to name a few!  She also had a caramel sauce I had to buy and last night I ended up dipping some pretzels in it!  Oh my about delicious!!!  I'm in trouble now!!!  I couldn't find a web site for Catherine but you can find her on FB here or email her @ 
And yes, I'm now on FB too!!!  Not sure why that happened but I did take the plunge.  Kinda fun actually as I've located a few folks I went to high school with and folks I used to work with. 


  1. These bags just get better and better! You give new meaning to the term "bag lady".

  2. Oh I love these bags!

    And I shouldn't read about chocolate or caramels in the AM --must go find chocolate with caramel stash...

  3. I adore your bags and the beading is such a bonus. Great gifts...


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