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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4-H Fair day again!

Today was our 10th 4-H fair!  I love taking the kids to the fair and today was just as much fun as the past 9 years!  We took two friends for Amber and Nick and they were delightful!  Emma and Alex were the best kids and I hop/think they enjoyed themselves.  This old grandma sure did just watching them!  So here's our day!  For those expecting art work...just go to your next artwork today!
First a visit to the rabbit barn

We did go by the 'market' aisle but everyone wanted to ignore that part!

Next up was the petting zoo!  Emma is on the right and preferred to 'pet' from a distance.

These little guys are from Australia

Emma and I were so intrigued by this little baby on its mom!

Off to the birthing barn.  Chicks were hatching

Emma and Amber checking out the newborn chicks

We felt so bad...cow was getting ready to birth her calf

We checked before we left and she still hadn't delivered.  Who would with everyone watching!
Next we went to the outdoor circus.  We've watched some of these kids grow up!  It's free and outstanding!
This little dog jumped from the top of that ladder into his owners arms!

This guy was amazing!

Yes, she is hanging by her hair!!!!!!

Hard to believe!

Lunchtime Amber and Emma

Nick and Alex
Nick and Alex

In their yellow shirts in the air

Amber and Emma

OMG, grandma...did you see what i just rode!

Amber and Emma

Video forthcoming!
 Kids were fearless when it came to this ride.  Someone dropped their cell phone and it crashed to the ground!
I thought Nick and Alex had tumbled over and over too many times...but they kept going on this ride too!

It was a great day and another wonderful memory for this old grandma!  Thanks for a great day kids!!!

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