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Friday, July 20, 2012

A Street in Ireland - Accepted in Houston

This is the group quilt I participated in this past spring and we've been juried in to the IQA show in Houston this fall!!  How about that!  Tommy from 'Tommy the Material Girl' coordinated last year and this year's entries.  This year's group piece is called A Street in Ireland and 10 of us participated.  (My piece is 7th from left/blue car and you can see detail here.)

Last year's group quilt was called To Market and there were 16 of us (mine is 2nd from left/top row). 

Back in 2008, our Aussome Fiber Group created Underwater Fantasy which was a color study done by six of us.  We did a random draw on selecting a color from the color wheel.  We could only use that color/shade along with black or white.  Mine is the blue colorway and it was tough to work only in one color!  But we were juried into Houston that year as well. 
Each of these 'slice group' quilts were fun to work on, one way or another!  Although, I have to say the color study was harder than the other two, at least for me!   So let's hope 3 is the charm, right!


  1. You said....Let's hope 3's the charm...... Oh WILL BE!!!

  2. This is perfection!! Congratulations to all.


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