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Monday, July 23, 2012

What talented and generous bloggers!

Look what I received in my mail box today! What talented and generous bloggers there are out there!

I have to admit I was so very careful in unwrapping this package!  I'm so impressed with how my 'gift' was wrapped!

Carefully, I undid the red yarn, allowed the adorable picture to fall along with the lace and this is what was inside! 

 It's an adorable thread catcher made by Sherry from Createology!  Sherry is a fiber artist, beader and general all around talented lady!  I've followed her blog for awhile now and enjoy seeing all the different fiber work she creates!   If you give Sherry some paper, fibers and stamps, she make something from them! 

Check out the detail with the cute button!

And only Sherry could find this adorable safety pin!!  The perfect touch to complete the thread catcher! 

THANK YOU again, Sherry!!!  So glad to call you one of my blogger friends!! 

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  1. Robbie Dear you are sew very welcome. You were so generous to go out of your way to help me with the simple square bag I couldn't grasp. Thank you my blogger friend. Summer Sunshine Smiles...


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