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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dreaming of Georgia O'Keeffe

Dreaming of Georgia O'Keeffe in Fabric

Back in January of 2011, I started making this stained glass piece using the reverse applique method my friend, Susan, developed.  You can see the 1st one I started here and some of Susan's technique (but we don't share all of it!).  I want Susan to send in her method to one of the quilter magazines.  I might try to work on her while in Florida this winter!

Anyway,  I don't remember now if it was before or after we got home from Florida but I wasn't happy with my workmanship so I redid the entire piece (yes, I still have my first piece!).  Hence, it's taken me quite sometime to finish this piece.  I think it's one of the longest pieces I've worked on...but I didn't work on it for several months at a time so guess that accounts for part of the time.  It measures 16" X 20" and it's for our Masters exhibit the Aussome Fiber group I belong to has ongoing.  Our next artist is Peter Max!  That should be a hoot...but the nice part of this exhibit is you don't have to do a particular artist.  If fact, you don't have to do any if you don't want to! 

For my George piece, I used an actual stained glass piece by Valerie Keenen. Valerie did a beautiful stained glass piece titled 'Dreaming of Georgia O'Keeffe' which you can see here.  I emailed Valerie and asked if I could use her stained glass piece and replicate it for our exhibit. Valerie graciously gave me permission and I'm really excited for Valerie to see my finished piece. Gee...I wonder if she has any piece she's done of Peter Max! 
 Just some closeups of my hand least you can see what took much of the time!  I am sad the piece is finished as I love hand work!  This piece was so relaxing to work on and using Susan's method made it easy to put down for a time then pick back up when I had a few minutes. 

I would like to use Susan's method again for another piece...perhaps for 'Peter'!!  Thanks again Susan!!  You are a great teacher!


  1. What a keen eye you have....your masterpiece compliments the artist's stained glass masterpiece! Just curious....the hand embroidery adds so much to the work....are you stitching this through all 3 layers or just the top?

  2. Your colors are so vibrant and the black "lead" lines really add the balance to the bright intense colors. Your stitching is superb. Wonderful week to you dear...


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