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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hanging Bags

Well, the Kemshall's are at it again and of course I just had to try making Laura's latest idea!  Hanging bags!  As Laura stated, we all have those those left over pieces of a quilt, class project or just a practice quilt piece laying around!  So why not do something with them! 

OK with me!  I love an excuse to play in my sewing room!  I I need an excuse!  So I made two bags yesterday. 
OK with me!!  So I played and this is a bag I made!  I'm going to give this one to my daughter since it's an excess piece of fabric she had quilted to use in a project.

  At the time, my daughter was making lots of quilted jackets and she had some left over pieces of fabric that she gave me.  This is what the fabric looked like after I did some edge stitching on it.

The colors show up lots better in this picture and the one of the square piece...which is 12" square.

I used some cording I had for the edging and the loop.  Instead of using thread to close part of the top and bottom edges (keeps the open area closed...hmmmm is that redundant!) I placed Velcro inside.  That works quite well!

This is a piece I did as our FMQ challenge for one of the winter months.  I cut it down to a square piece and...
another can see some of the stitching better in this picture of the back of the bag.

So, as my friend Carol T. always asks me..."what are you going to do with that"...I haven't a clue...but Bob thinks they would look good hung on the wall with some springs of wild flowers hanging from them!  I knew I kept him around for a reason! 
I am off to finish up another practice quilted piece I have and make another bag!  what fun!!  Thanks again Laura!! 


  1. Hi Robbie: This is a great little bag. Very intriguing and the possibilities are endless. Serene Sunday and Safe Fourth of July...

  2. The bags are awful pretty!! I'm sure you'll think of plenty of things they can be used for.

    Here's to a happy and safe 4th.

  3. Bob's idea is a good one! As I looked at the bags, I also thought you might put a square of chipboard or something sturdy in the bottom, and put thread spools or other sewing items in there.

  4. Oooooooo. I LOVE these especially that orange is just TOO fabulous!
    Got lots of could use one in the laundry room for dryer sheets....clothes pins.....maybe hang one by the door for your grocery bags ... quick access to the puppy treats ....outgoing mail....even little notes could be hidden in the for your sweetie....think he'd check????

  5. I am here from Creatology's blog. She made a cute bag and said you had the tutorial....very cute! I took a piece of paper just now and did a bit of folding so I think I have it figured out....I may be back with quiestions!


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