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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some new projects

 'Idle hands are the devils workshop'...or something like that!  I have to keep my hands busy that's for sure!  Now that "Georgia" is finished I feel lost!  SO....
This was a piece of white fabric that I screen printed a few years ago (using thickened dyes). Last year I made a small quilt (12"x12") for SAQA's online auction and I had found this piece left over.  You can see my original piece here, which by the way was purchased by my blog bud, Sally
I love the colors in this piece and thought it would make a great fiber post card.  So off to stitching I went!  In this pic you can see I started adding some beads and flat sequins (bottom right). 

 And above is my finished piece.  I had a small circle leftover from the original piece so I hand stitched it on the card as well.  I'm quite pleased with how it came out.  Hubby really liked this one.  He must be getting mellow in his 'latter' years!  He usually doesn't like 'things' that don't  look like something he can recognize.

So now that I don't have any more hand work, while I'm waiting for some Tila beads to come (more on that project later!), I played with some designs on this patchwork piece I put together back in May.  This was an effort in using up scrap pieces (another video lesson by Linda Kemshall).  I had already basted in the ditch just to hold the piece together as I knew I wanted to do hand stitching  and maybe some fusing. 
I took a piece of tracing paper, grabbed some plates and lids from the kitchen and off I went!  This is the design I'd like to stitch in repeats around the entire piece.  I also plan on filling in the areas of the circles with stab stitching.
Tonight, Kalee and I sat out on the deck and I started looking in my box of threads for the right colors.  I did find a nice lime green which looks good on the purple. I only stitched two of the circle areas, which are part of the large red circle above.
Only problem, I dont' have much of the lime thread left so it's off to JoAnn's tomorrow.  Amber has basketball camp so I'll drag Nick with me after we drop Amber off.  He likes to look at the model kits they have...he has an upcoming BD in Sept.  I'm taking the piece with me as I don't have the right shade of maroon.  That's a piece of hand dyed maroon and I know I can't dye threads to match it again. 

So enough for to watch Olympics!  I love watching either winter or summer events!  Beats some of the dumb shows on the old boob tube!


  1. Fabulous fabric postcard. Truly unique and one of a kind. This new stitching will be fun. Blissful Stitching...

  2. Wonderful addition of beads on your postcard piece! Your choice of circle motifs highlights the grid piecing on the 2nd piece.....I hear does feel LOST w/o some handwork to do!!


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