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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slice Project 2012

Yippee!  It's all put together thanks to Tommy's hard work!  You can see the process she went through to put together our slice project for this year on her blog post here.  There were 10 of us who participated and each had to reproduce a 9"x35" panel based on a photo Tommy sent each of us.  We had no idea what the finished scene was but I think it turned out great!  Tommy has submitted the entry form onto IQA for the Houston show this fall.  We're all keeping our fingers crossed that we get juried in.  Tommy also did a post on each piece side by side that you can see here

This is my quilt on the left and the picture I received on the right.
 Just a close up of my bush and the grass area.  I did post on using the tailor tack foot to make the bush a few weeks ago.  I used bugle beads for the door handles (go figure...beads...I know!).
 For my sign, I played with it in word then inserted a picture from the actual Celtic web site then transferred onto fabric.  Yep, that's a bead for the light!
I wanted some grass so I used the Turkey Stitch, which I found on Mary Corbet's web site.  Mary shares so many different stitches and information.  She sends out daily updates and I just don't know how she does it!! 
So that was our Slice Project for 2012!   It was a lot of fun and so amazing to see all the 'slices' together!! 


  1. AMAZING! YES!!!! I absolutely adore these "slice" projects. You all did a FABULOUS job!

    Will this piece travel and spend time with each of you?

  2. This is remarkable! I went over to see all of the slices... just a fantastic outcome from all participants. By the way... the sew slip is terrific! thanks.

  3. I've seen many challenges using this technique....but never with such remarkable it! Oh...great use of beads!

  4. This is just awesome - it looks like a street from my hometown, brilliant